Alexandra Disability Movement


Pillsbury Child Care is carter for children with different physically challenges such as mental; physical disadvantages, profound intellectual; severe intellectual; dialogism; deafness; cerelomaposy; partially blind. Pillsbury is a beneficiary project which is affiliated to ADM.

We are dedicated to actively promoting our cause and to providing assistance to the disability community with relevant information, and

Food Distribution

Distribution of food parcels to the destitute disabled, It is a welfare program supported by main generous sponsors

Disability Grant

Assistance in application for the disability pensions grants and provision of transport


Assistance in application for RDP houses for the disabled (special needs houses)

The Alexandra Disability Movement (ADM) is a non-profit organisation with many missions. Part child care centre, part training facility, and part economic development workshop, it has empowered over 150 women and men from the Alex community by providing skills, training, and employment.

 But what makes this centre different from others is that it is run for the disabled, by the disabled. At the heart of the centre’s mission is to provide tools that help them become self-sufficient, confident, and feel good about themselves.

Self Help Association of Disabled Alexandra (SHADAX). Its a group of men and women who has signed contracts with a number of organisations for the purpose of creating work for the disabilities people. Shadax group does outsourcing work for companies such as Edward & Snell Co, R.B.G.C, T.N.B and Altitude Workforce. Shadax is one of the beneficiaries project which is affiliated under ADM body