Alexandra Disability Movement


Our Mission

To be a cataylst in the development of the disabled in general


For the disables people to care for their lives and their development which will lead to full integration into the community, thereby reducing their dependency on disability grants.

Alexandra disability Movement strive to achieve the following objectives

  • To disseminate information on disability and rehabilitation in Alexandra in order to make the broader community aware of the disability issues.
  • To develop a formation of the disabled people who are participating actively in the development of rehabilitation services in Alexandra.
  • To create employment for disabled people.
  • To assist disabled people in areas of education, building capacity accessibility and social security.
  • In order to pursue its objectives, Alexandra Disability Movement its made up of the following people:


  1)        Self Help Association Of The Disabled (Alexandra) (SHADAX)

Comprises of the following self-help income generating projects:


    SHADAX is contracted to Attitude Workforce and deliveries of clothes

    Packaging Section

    We are contracted to Altitude Workforce to do packaging of liquor of Edward and Snell, RGBC

2)      Pillsbury Child Care Centre - Facility

Day Care and Boarding for children with different disabilities - minor and severe disabilities, ie Cereloramaposy, Blind, Deaf, Diaplegic, etc


  • From 2 - 20years old
  • Two Grade "R" Classes

   Session Covered

  • Stimulation
  • Physiotherapy
  • OT
  • Speech Therapy
  • Sign language
  • and many more

3)    Thuthukane School for the Blind

  • Mobility training for the blind and visually impaired (how to move around, ie from workplace to home)
  • Self-help
  • Sourcing of walking equipment for the blind people
  • Sending students to various institutions specialising in Braille

4)      Women for peace-Nurses and feeding scheme for the disabled people.

5)      Alexandra Health Center & University & Urban Clinic.